Based on Shelter in the Time of Storm, a hymn my mother knows from her experience as a church organist. (My Mother is a living encyclopedia of church music.)


Excessive Use is a series of works on paper created with a Glock 22 semi automatic pistol. Paper pieces in Excessive Use are named by the city and date of the event.


Birth of a Nation Project: a recast of KKK robes in Kente, camouflage, white satin, other fabrics. For the year 2015, I’m creating at least one new KuKlux Klan robe a week.


Soundless Series is a group of wood sculptures resembling stringed instrument bodies, and marked with the date and location of death and historical event.


In the American South before the Civil War, half of all U.S. slaves were under the age of 16. Half of all slave children grew up apart from their father, either because he lived on another plantation, had been sold away, or was white. On large plantat…


This installation utilizes the image of a widely sold target that has been significantly modified to create the likeness of a hooded individual carrying Skittles and an Arizona-brand watermelon juice cocktail.


Each of the throw blankets in the stack depicts the image of a lynching or killing. They capture experiences of extreme human atrocity in objects designed for comfort, warmth, and safety.


Historic objects that are referenced in the show Rewind